Faerie Sighting - Private Place

Private Faerie Sightings are sightings in non public places, they still show on our interactive map, however there is less information about them, and they are not able to be found in the real world.

Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom

it looked like a faerie. with a face like Putin.



I saw this one out of the corner of my eye when i went to open the door. It hovered briefly and i took a couple of snaps. I turned to my colleague to point the faerie out. Read more…

Penrith CA11, United Kingdom

A blur of fluff



A faerie escaped from the centre today. We only managed this snap before if flitted off through the door. If you see her, please report. Read more…

Kemplay Bank, Eamont Bridge CA10 2BD, United Kingdom

wings, and an acorn hat


Morning, early, dusk

A strange sighting today, seems like wings, and an acorn hat. Could it be that… no surely not. Read more…