Submit your Sighting

There has been an outbreak of faerie sightings in Eden, Cumbria, and with so many reports coming in, this website has been set up as a dedicated place to catalogue each and every one.

If you spot a faerie, add it to our website, you will need to add some information about the encounter, and upload your photos of the area, or the faerie itself. Register your username so that you can come back and add more, or edit your posts. Once registered you will be sent an automatically generated password, which you can edit by clicking on your profile name in the menu.

Take a look at ‘The Anatomy of a Faerie’ for the most up to date information we have on faeries. You could reconstruct you encounter, photograph and upload that to our map as this will still help with our research.

Enchanted Places are venues and locations where faeries have been appearing, they have more information about the venue, such as opening times, cost of entry and details about the faerie activity happening there.

Faerie Sightings – Public Places are sightings in public places. They are searchable on our interactive map, and people are able to go out and search for the faeries.

Faerie Sightings – Private Places are sightings in non public places, they still show on our interactive map, however there is less information about them, and they are not able to be found in the real world.

If you would like to submit a sighting please contact